What Is SMO And How It Works
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What Is SMO And How It Works

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What Is SMO And How It Works:

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. First of all, we understand the term Social Media. Social Media is an electronic communication channel which interacts people throughout the world by transferring their ideas, schemes, projects, opinions and their thoughts. Social media have different types of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, You tube, Google, Pinterest, and many more. Social Media Optimization is designed to increase organic traffic by sending and sharing links of different types of content, channel, or product.

Key points of this article:

After reading this article you must understand about these

  • The meaning or objective of SMO
  • Different types of SMO
  • Best tools for SMO
  • How SMO works to rank your content

Meaning Of SMO:

Social Media Optimization refers to the term that deals with creating and ranking digital content like pictures, videos, and all written content which encourage people to keep connected with the digital world. The main objective of social media optimization is used to rank and increase organic traffic by sending their contents link to other social media platforms. This process contains some conditions like keyword research, creation of high quality content. Mainly it is used to advertise the product or content of people at international level. So, we can say that it is most effective to rank or increase the number of users or customers of your product.

Types Of SMO:

There are two basic types of Social media optimization. They both complement each other which means they work at a time. Which are given below:

  1. On-site SMO
  2. Off-site SEO

Now we can explain their functions one by one on below;

On-site SMO:

On-site SMO refers to the cataloguing of social media content by using various types of functions like RSS feed, link sharing, users reviews about the product or content, polls (public opinion about product) and users involvement in the content etc. These all are the marketing strategies to increase selling of the product or more views on the content. 

RSS feed:

RSS is the standard form of Really Simple Syndication where the Syndication means a group of persons who are related with each other for a particular project or business. Basically RSS is a file on the internet which contains details about every content on the internet and also it informs about the updates of each content. So, by using this file we can be aware about the trending content and we work to create something different or better about this content. And then it increases the chances to raise your ranking or generate traffic for your content. 

Link sharing:

Link is a ring that connects each next ring to the previous and makes a chain. Every content on the internet generates a link. Another term used for Links is URLs, just one click on the link opens written content, an image, or a video for us. So, if we share these links of our content or product on different platforms like on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, you tube, Google etc. People check this link by clicking on it and this generates traffic on your channel or content. This function raises ranking for your content.

Users reviews:

A review of user is just like analysis which is generated by the check, view, visit, and use of the product. This experience is very helpful for influencers to create or develop better or new types of products. We take it as a guidance for developers or stakeholders. So, this helps to create high quality content more efficiently.


In simple words Polls means opinions or judgement by the public or users of the product. Consumers give suggestions to the producer, stakeholder, influencer and blogger to create effective or attractive content in which they are interested. When people suggest to the  influencer about their product automatically producers use these suggestions for increasing sales or views on the content. Polls also generate traffic on the content which is the main objective of this strategy.

Involvement of users in the content:

Involvement of users recommend to the developers how they provide better content. They observe in their first experience about the product, which type of product is required to fulfil their need, and how they make it better.

Off-site SMO:

Off-site SMO means that it is used to rank the content by the involvement of external and other social media platforms. This type of SMO usually includes Blogging, joining other social media networks, campaign for advertisement, and press release etc. On-site SMO and Off-site SMO are both dependent on each other to increase the public traffic.


Blogging is self created content which may contain in a written form, images, videos and published by the blogger itself. For example when you answer your customer about their question. Another example when you guid your customer about your product like how to use it. By using this technique you can raise the sales of your product.

Joining social networks:

Social networks are the electronic communication channels or media which connect people with one another in the rest of the world. Social networks include Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, You tube etc. Content developers or creators join different social media networks to share their content and objective is to rank their content all over the world.


Advertisement is the initial component of SMO. The producer of the product or content developer advertise their product by commercializing on different platforms. They invest in commercials to introduce or make people aware of their product. Advertisements play a key role to raise the customer level.

Press release:

Press release is the type of document which is in the written form and announcement of something new with best quality, quantity, or an optimum price of product. It increases the selling of products more efficiently. So, we say it is the most efficient component of Social Media Optimization.

These all steps play a vital role in the improvement of SMO. Now we explain the best tools for SMO.

Top 5 best tools for SMO:

SMO tools are used to generate best results for social media optimization, these help to create high quality content, betterment in the publishing strategies and awareness about which type of content is required on the internet. So, if a content developer uses these tools he/she can earn beneficial results and earn high output. We elaborate 5 most important and easy to use tools for SMO which are given below:

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Buffer
  3. Canva
  4. HubSpot
  5. Google analytics
  • Hootsuite

  • Hootsuite is one of the most famous and more usable tools for SEO.
  • You can start your product advertisement by using Hootsuite tool.
  • It is useful to be aware about the trending material in the region.
  • This tool enables subscribers to access the management tool where your team manages social media marketing campaigns.
  • Hootsuite creates reports about the analytics which contain how many people watch your content, how many shares, info about new public etc.
  • 7 million downloads of Hootsuite are reported in 196 countries.
  • It manages different accounts like; Facebook, Instagram, Google, twitter and WordPress etc.
  • Buffer

  • Buffer is a wonderful tool for social media optimization.
  • It is easy to use and very effective to rank in just a short time.
  • Buffer manages your various accounts at a time. These accounts may be your FB account, IG account, twitter account and many more social media accounts.
  • If you can forget to upload your content, it publishes your content according to setting your schedule automatically.
  • This provides you the facility that links you within your clients or users at different platforms and you answer all of them at one time.
  • Suppose, if you create your pictures or videos or another type of content on Mobile or on the Laptop, it publishes your content at the right time when your large number of Followers, users, clients are online.
  • This is the best tool for marketing of a product or content.
  • Canva

  • Canva is one of the most efficient tools for visual content. Visual content contains a picture, graphics, and video.
  • It helps to create high quality visual content with templates.
  • These templates help to create visual content quickly.
  •  It provides you free of cost pictures but sometimes you have to pay for some pictures because professionals set a price for its high quality material.
  • Price of the pictures on canva is almost $1.
  • Visual content is more attractive and effective for users on the internet. And people prefer to watch high quality content.
  • HubSpot

  • HubSpot SMO tool is eligible to view all of your accounts just in one click.
  • It is aware of the content developer about what is happening on their accounts by analytics.
  • You have to make a schedule of your posts and it suggests the right time of publishing your posts at a time.
  •  By using this SMO tool you can see your past posts on Facebook, Instagram and your tweets on the tweeter etc about your advertising campaigns.
  • No doubt, this tool is effective to manage all your accounts from one place.
  • Google analytics

  • Google analytics tool is very useful for website owners and bloggers.
  • It provides information about the organic and paid traffic rate on the site.
  • This tool tells you how many new people visit your site.
  •  Google analytics is the biggest free tool to be aware about the performance of your site or blog.
  • It also gives the information about the people spending time on your site or blog.

How SMO works to rank your content:

Social Media Optimization is a technique to introduce your product and encourage people to see or purchase your content on the internet. With the aid of SMO you can explore your brands with endless opportunities in the market. Now we can discuss about the working of  SMO:

  • SMO is low cost and easy to use for advertising rather than traditional techniques.
  • Social media is the best platform for marketing of the product and to make people aware about new technical advancement.
  • If you use SMO techniques of advertising your brand will be eligible to make sure to earn profit in a very short period of time.
  •  SMO also targets a specific audience which is based on age, interest, location and gender etc and generates beneficial output for you.
  • You can add inter bound links and outer bound links in your content this increases the audience on your site or on the channel.


Social Media Optimization (SMO) is used to rank your content, brand, product in the world of internet. People can easily approach your product from anywhere in the world and increase your profit margin at a high level. Almost this is affordable for  everyone who wants to publish their content, brand, or product. You can increase publicity of your brand in a very short period of time or a minimum cost. I hope this article is helpful for you.

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